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Trading For a Living From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Are You Looking For A Way To Increase Your Income?

I am not going to promote Trading, Forex, and Investing to anyone not willing to put in the work and learn about the markets. Online Investing Tips offers great tools and knowledge for beginners to intermediates, so you can increase your active and passive income through investing and trading. It doesn’t matter how old or you are because anytime is a great time to expand your finical knowledge. Online-investing-tips.com is offering you free content to help you learn about all the different options out there for you.

This website is growing with new content being produced faster than I can change this page. There are two places that I recommend for you to start on this website. First, I would recommend that you read our personal finance pages. This is part of the framework for the overall website. Next, I have written good beginner investment tips page. This has general information about some of the investments you can choose from. 

You Should leave This Site if ?

  • You really think success comes from working a 4-hour week. Investing and trading will take long hours of work and dedication. If you don’t want to put in any work then like Warren Buffet says, “Just invest in an index fund” and save yourself the trouble.
  • You are looking for “get rich quick” products. Everything recommended on here will take work to learn including our recommended FOREX Trading program.
  • You are looking for that guy who tells you, “I make money online” and films himself living it up on a beach somewhere. Don’t worry, This content will always be free for you; however, I might use advertising and promote solid products to my readers that I actually use.

Content and Forum Online Investing Tips

I am continuously adding content to this site. There will always be content added in the Blog Section and there will be many pages of great content for you on the site itself. Someday I would like this site to become a community and have set up a free forum for anyone to use who is interested. Stop by and ask questions.

How Will Trading Increase Your Income?

There are two types of people in the investment community. The two best definitions I could give to a beginner are Passive Investors or Active Traders. I have written a whole post on which one you should choose: Active and Passive Article.

1)Passive Investment

This is one of the best ways to get started into investing. A passive investor finds high-quality positions in stocks, ETFs, REITs, or bonds that will provide them with income over the long haul. This is the category I fit into because of my formal education.

2)Active Trading

Active Trading is a term normally used to describe the way I trade FOREX. The reason why this is active trading is because I buy a position, exit the position and am looking for my next profitable trade. Forex traders or investors who trade for a living use this approach. I wrote an article on Larry Williams, a famous commodities trader that explains what this is all about. I am not bias and think that there is room for booth types of trades in this world. 

What Should a Beginner Learn?

Trading and investing takes self-discipline, knowledge and skills. You need a program or someone to guide you through the important things that you should learn. I have a formal education in business and accounting, but I feel like that isn’t necessary for someone to become a good investor or trader. Sometimes the best companies to invest or trade are business types you are familiar with. I currently work in the hospitality industry and have made money off REIT’s because they are similar to my knowledge about the hotel industry. What you know best is what you should stay with and will make you money. 

1) Market Knowledge

Market knowledge will change based on the type of investor you are. In investing or trading there are important economic events you should understand. Especially if you are interested in trading FOREX you should learn about economics on a global scale. I am producing a guide to macroeconomics for the visitors of this website because it is important to your success as a trader.

2) Fundamental Analysis

This is an area that I would like to focus on and can add value to you as an investor or trader. I have written a small post on the fundamentals of the Forex Market that you can read here. A fundamental assessment of a business is normally strategic and accounting related. I have started adding content about accounting and financial ratios that are important for anyone wanting to become an individual investor or trader.

3) Technical Skills

Technical analysis is the study of charts. There are some people who only use technical analysis for their trading signals. My style has always been combining news, technical and fundamental analysis together to make my investing and trading decisions. I will eventually start writing about the different technical signals. If you want to start trading FOREX and learn only technicals then I recommend Forex Eunterage

4) Trading Groups and Communities

It is important to study the people who trade and invest for a living. There is a group for everyone and these normally cost money to join. The online investment tips forum is in the beginning stages. You can join for free and post content up there or write me directly.

5) Learn From Professionals

I have already mentioned one famous investor and one famous trader on this page. The most important thing is to find someone who can mentor you through this process. As the author of most of the content, I will tell you I have spent years in college learning from Doctors in Finance and Accounting. I also have learned from famous traders. That is why I will reference a lot of my content out to scholarly and trusted sources which isn’t done enough online.