Our Goal

We want to help you become your own financial analyst: Learn about trading, Forex, and investing from anywhere at any time

The goal of online investing guide


Is Your Goal To Increase Your Wealth?

Online investing tips is a website that is about wealth management, investing, and short-term trading. We keep in mind that the average person will read this website to gain knowledge to make their financial life better. Everyone fits into a different investor profile. This means that everyone needs to have their own financial goals. We are here to give you ideas and tools for making your financial goals a reality.

How Did Online Investing Tips Get Started?

Online Investing Tips started as a college project when Charles Woods, the creator of Online Investing tips, was going to college for accounting at Dixie State University. The idea for this site was presented to a professor who specializes in Financial Accounting and Auditing. He believes that this is information that will help the normal person make better investment decisions. What started as a small accounting project has grown to 85 pages of content. This has been content written by Charles and other guest posting authors from around the web. We continue trying to find great content to add for you on our site.

How Long Does It Take To Master Investing?

Mastery takes 10,000 hours according to studies done in a book called Mastery by Robert Green. This book explains some of the most talented athletes, writers, and artists that ever lived. What do they all have in common? They spent 10,000 hours learning their craft. Learning the skills to analyzing investments and trades takes years to master. We want to give you a resource to learn about financial accounting, investing and trading all in one place.

How Will Trading and Investing Increase Your Income?

There are two types of personalities when it comes to making money from trading and investing. You should think of investing as a more passive activity and trading as an active activity. One of the first posts written on this website explained the difference between Active and Passive styles. We also cover this concept in detail on the Investment page and the Active Trading Page.

What Should a Beginner Learn?

Trading and investing takes self-discipline, knowledge, and finance skills. You need a program or someone to guide you through the important things that you should learn. A great analyst doesn’t always have a formal education in a business field, but some basic economics, accounting and market knowledge will be necessary. This is especially true if you want to get involved in the equities market. We have created a short list of things that we are (will) cover on this website.

1) Market Knowledge

Market knowledge is a really broad term. Someone who understands markets will know the difference between a REIT, bond and ETF. These financial investments are all different. Your investing goal will make them right or wrong for you. Another important aspect of market knowledge is the way that these are bought and sold. There is a major difference between the commodities market and the currency market. The last part of this will have to do with market lingo and jargon. Accounting and finance professionals talk in their own lingo. You will need to understand market lingo as an investor and trader.

2) Fundamental Analysis

Most people are invested in the stock market. With equities fundamentals would fit into a few categories. The most important category for fundamental research is economic trends. That is why we have a macro economics section. Another category would be a companies accounting records and finical ratios. These are historic figures that will give a fundamental annalist incite into the companies trends. Another category is management style. The fundamental analyst will attempt to learn everything about a particular investment.

3) Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the study of charts. We are working on different styles of technical analysis because this isn’t a one size fits all strategy. What price action with indicators do is help you see the historic trends. Many people including us use this technique to find short term trading opportunities.

4) Trading Groups and Communities

Another important aspect to learning about investing and trading is finding good groups of investors and traders. These can be online or in person communities to help you learn about investing. Online investing tips is the perfect example of an online community. We give and get feedback from our readers. A college classroom is great place to learn the basics of investing. Many of the subjects on this site will be related to college accounting, finance and business classes.