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I am Charles Woods a college graduate with a degree in accounting; however, I like the real world application to investing and trading. Before college, I was an investor and trader and made some extra money on the side. I made online investing tips for anyone wanting to gain more market knowledge for free and join my small community that I am trying to get started. Online investment tips will be beneficial to booth of us. Like the old saying goes:

You don’t truly understand something until you can teach it to someone else.

  1. If you are a trader or investor, and you would like to guest post on here contact me at This is a broad subject and would like content on here that interests different readers.
  2. I have the comments opened up on the blog section and would like you too share your experiences as an investor and trader.
  3. The subjects on this blog will be about anything related to trading, investing, fincaial accounting, ma and Finance. I think it is important to get the large picture of how the capital markets work and I would like to help you understand what you must know.
Disclaimer, what I talk about on here should not be considered advice from a certified investment manager. I am an accountant and webmaster by profession. I do have a formal education in finance and accounting, however, I am not licensed in any financial planning, financial advice or wealth management fields. I do have 5 years of trading experience in the real capital markets. 

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