Easy To Use Financial Ratio Lookup

We are building a page where you can look up financial ratios. We want you to understand what each of these ratios are used for. Understanding the financial world is about learning the lingo. We want this to be a resource for you to use on our website.

Many of these ratios are easy to calculate. The true power of financial ratios comes from your ability to use them. This is a resource for you to look up financial ratios. We will add more ratios and explain how they can be used.

There are two ways that you can use this table

  1. You can organize it like any spreadsheet table
  2. You can use the search function to find new ratios
Ratio NameDescription or CalculationTypeLink to Detailed Desription
Short RatioThe amount of short shares on a security.Market SentimentShort Ratio
Working CapitalCurrent Assets - Current LiabilitiesAccounting/Liquidity RatioWorking Capital
Current RatioCurrent Assets / Current LiabilitiesAccounting/Liquidity RatioCurrent Ratio
Quick (Acid Test) RatioCash + AR + Securities / Current LiabilitesAccounting/Liquidity Ratio
Cash RatioCash + Securities/ Current LiabilitiesAccounting/Liquidity Ratio
Cash Flow RatioCash Flow From Operations / Current LiabilitiesAccounting/Liquidity Ratio
Net Working Capital RatioCurrent Assets - Current Liabilites/ Total AssetsAccounting/Liquidity Ratio