Account NameClassified AssetShort DescriptionLink To Full Description
CashCurrent AssetCash and Cash Equivalence
Accounts ReceivableCurrent AssetOutstanding Amount Customers Owe The Company
InventoryCurrent AssetTangible goods for sale
Notes ReceivableCurrent AssetNotes Maturing in less than a year owed to the company.
Other ReceivablesCurrent Asset
Prepaid ExpensesCurrent AssetExpenses paid in full that are owed to a company.
(PP&E)Fixed AssetProperty, Plant, and Equipment
DepreciationContra/Fixed AssetA Reduction In A Fixed Assets Value
Accounts PayableCurrent LiabilityMoney A Company Owes To Vendors and Creditors
Payroll Taxes PayableCurrent LiabilityPayroll Tax Liability At The Balance Sheet Date.
Income taxes payableCurrent LiabilityAmount The Company Owes In Taxes At The Balance Sheet Date.
Interest PayableCurrent LiabilityInterest payments owed
Bonds PayableLong-Term LiabilityBonds, notes or other forms of long-term debt.Cooperate Bonds
Capital LeasesFixed AssetA long term lease that is recognized as a fixed asset
Pension LiabilitiesLong-Term LiabilityLiabilities Owed To Previous Employees
Deferred CompensationLong-Term LiabilityCompensation The Company Owes
Deferred RevenuesLong-Term Liability
Deferred Income TaxesLong-Term LiabilityTaxes That are Deferred To Another Period
Common StockEquityShares Entitling Owners To Company AssetsCommon Stock
Preferred StockEquityShares Of Stock Entitling Holders to a Fixed DividendPreferred Stock
Treasury StockEquityCompany Stock That Was Re-Aquired
Retained EarningsEquityEarnings Left Over For Shareholders