Last year, a poll conducted by Gallup revealed that a significant number of baby boomers (one in seven individuals) are being treated for depression. The study also showed that a possible reason why boomers feel this way was because of retirement, on how it is viewed and managed.

Yet, retirement can be an amazing phase in one’s life if the proper steps and planning have been done. Imagine the numerous possibilities, opportunities, and experiences that can be treasured in this moment of one’s life! Baby boomer or not, having the right mindset can transform bleak emotions into bright expectations when facing the retirement years. To help you out, here are a few tips for you to both plan and light up your golden years.

A Fitness & Health Spark

Keep fit and you can be sure that you’ll have the energy and drive to enjoy the retirement years. Committing to a proper exercise regimen and eating healthy food pays off, by allowing you to keep up and do the activities you’d want to accomplish during retirement. Additionally, the savings you can get from being healthy adds up – you can avoid spending hard-earned money on medication.

One thing to consider why retirees must keep healthy is because of longevity. With advancements in medical technology, more people tend to live longer nowadays. And with a longer lifespan, you’d want to make each second count.

Also, prioritizing on one’s health does not mean doing strenuous exercise routines. It doesn’t even mean enrolling in gym classes (although that may be a productive activity for some). Committing to simple exercises (such as brisk walking or chair yoga) is better than doing nothing at all! The point of the matter is, committing to a healthier lifestyle results to happier experiences.

A Wanderlust Spark

Another way to make the most of the retirement years is by traveling. From exploring local attractions to having exotic adventures abroad, traveling can be one of the most exciting experiences you’ll have during the twilight years.

“Travel is the best teacher,” so says the popular adage. And what truth this brings – retirees can meet new friends, experience different perspectives, and immerse in fascinating cultures. Combine travel with good health from keeping fit, and you’ll discover that the world is definitely a great place to get lost and find happiness.

Sparks of Passion to Light Up the Years

Retirement, for most, may mean more time to spend. The transition of having more time for one’s self may be a drastic change for some, especially those who spent a lifetime working. Yet, having more time also means more opportunities to chase one’s passions and dreams.
Let’s take, for example, gardening. From what was once something done for leisure can now be a fulltime and passionate drive to creating incredible landscapes or care for plants. It can even be a profitable venture when deciding to sell produce!

Or how about learning? Most retirees may have had dreams of being into the arts, but because of financial or miscellaneous responsibilities, had to commit themselves to a corporate work environment. Retirement will allow these individuals to pursue their dreams, through additional studies or simply diving into their chosen craft.

When it comes to passion, the list will go on and on (cooking, delving into technology, pets, etc.). But what is important that passion should be highlighted during the golden years. Why wallow in misery, when there is much to do and accomplish during these years, right?

The Bright Light Called Family

One of the best rewards one can gain during retirement is the opportunity to be with family. With more time available, retirees can now have the chance to reconnect with relatives, forge new bonds with younger family, and create precious memories.

There are a lot of activities that family can help retirees enjoy the golden years. To name one, family reunions are now abundant. Why bother meeting with everyone only during the holidays, when you can spend more time with each other now? Another, dealing with children, is for the elderly to share their experiences and life lessons with the younger generation. It’s a give-and-take affair: retirees can share their wisdom to their younger kin, the children can brighten their elders’ life with their curiosity, wonder, and love.

Additionally, combine the first three tips with family, and you can make your retirement years a memorable experience for you and your loved ones. Try having fun exercise activities. Why not go on a vacation with the kids? Or pass down some of your gardening secrets to your grandchildren? The thing with family is that everyone’s in it together – and doing things in a group multiplies the benefits one can gain.

Retirement does not need to mean the end. It’s a new phase, a beginning to something bright and wonderful. All it takes is having the right mindset and with the tips mentioned above, you can be sure that retirement will be the most enjoyable years of your life.

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