Write (Guest Posts) For Online-investing-tips.com:

Our vision for this website is to make it the best place for people to find financial resources. Our goal it to keep this site organised with as much content as possible. The only way that this could be possible is to reach out to other writers to help us achieve this goal. Below we have the specific categories that we would like to have on this website.

  • Finance

    We would like to publish anything Finance, accounting, or something economics related and scholarly. Charles Woods who created this website has a degree in accounting and made this website as a way to give back to students. We would like to publish anything that is scholarly that students can reference. We would like these to have a practical twist like the page written about the rule of 72.

  • Personal Finance

    Personal finance guest posts are always welcome on our website. There are many views on this subject and we would like you to share your knowledge about what has worked for improving your personal finances.

  • Investing

    This is another broad subject that we would like guest posts on. We have started building this section of the website. If you are an expert on one of these subjects let me know and we will allow you to expand om it.

  • Trading and Forex

    We would like you to write about the fundamentals of technical analysis or trading strategies.  We believe that there are many strategies that work, so you could do a post about your strategy.

 Rules For Guest Posts:

  • Blog Posts: 500 to 1000 words
  • Pages: 500 to 1000 words. (If your topic is large, we will allow you to write multiple pages)
  • We will only post unique content.
  • No Spun Content
  • We will do an SEO check on your website before we link to you.
  • We will not link to anything porn, gambling, or drug related.

How Contact us

If you are interested in doing a guest post, then contact us through email at info@online-investing-tips.com. We would like to talk with you and develop a long relationship with our guest writers.


We are burning money on this site right now, so we can’t afford to pay you for guest posting or content. We will provide you with back-links and traffic to your site. Right now we make enough money that we could purchase 3 double cheese burgers anually form our add revenue.


Maybe Guest posting isn’t your thing. We have a lot of content on our site and we are willing to trade back-links with you. Please contact us about this, and we will look at the SEO on your site. There is enough traffic and link juice to go around, so we will help you if you help us.